CLUB CLASSIQUE makes classical chamber music accessible by presenting it on unexpected locations and combining it with other art forms. A permanent search for new ways to develop a stronger sense of involvement with the audience. CLUB CLASSIQUE was founded in 2012 under its former name: Stichting Muziek buiten de Concertzaal. The artistic direction of CLUB CLASSIQUE is in the hands of cellist Leonard Besseling and violinist Myrthe Helder.

It all started in Café de Klepel in Amsterdam, which, as the favorite pub of a group of musicians, lends itself perfectly to classic jam sessions. The musicians still play every last Sunday of the month in the café, nowadays in Café Sanders on the Raadhuisstraat.

Club Classique was founded in 2012, where they met with a group of young musicians to make music together. Their love for and knowledge of classical music were the starting point, the aim was initially to reach a new and younger audience. Gradually they started developing new concepts to combine classical music with other art forms. The musicians of Club Classique can also regularly be heard in places where classical music is usually not heard: city squares and meadows are transformed into full-fledged stages.

Although the musicians can still be found in the café on the last Sunday of the month, Club Classique has now taken a visible place in Dutch music life. The ensemble is a regular guest of Podium Witteman, in 2018 they played in the series Tracks of the Concertgebouw and recently we have twice participated in the series Hart & Ziel of the NTR, in which we were shown daily on television for a week.