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Peter Beets & the Henk Meutgeert New Jazz Orchestra

Peter Beets & the Henk Meutgeert New Jazz Orchestra is an 18-member big band were experimentation and improvisation are a very important asset, with a good dose of swing. The name givers - Peter Beets and Henk Meutgeert - will crown their many years of collaboration by offering a new generation of young jazz musicians a platform. By keeping in touch with various conservatories, top talent can be scouted immediately. With these young musicians under the leadership of these two highly experienced musicians, this new orchestra is a huge asset.
The development in the jazz scene is full of innovation that, although supported by tradition, is nevertheless so compelling that another, musical narrative style is sorely missed. To this end, this orchestra lends itself, in the person of Henk Meutgeert, to a dynamic bandleader and energetic arranger and, in the person of Peter Beets, to an acclaimed pianist who "takes along" an entire orchestra with his sophisticated swing. The musical content will mainly include the essential characteristics of jazz: melodic power, harmonic depth, surprising solo and interplay, improvisation and experiment.
The many years of collaboration between Peter Beets and Henk Meutgeert have proven to be a very fruitful one. This was also reflected in 2010 when they received an Edison together for the album "Blues for the Date". This CD - recorded with the Jazz Orchestra of The Concertgebouw - contains only compositions by Beets and has been compiled, directed and arranged by Meutgeert. The album was in the top 5 of Down Beat’s internationally leading "Best Album of the Year 2010".

Concerts in 2019 of Peter Beets & the Henk Meutgeert New Jazz Orchestra