Pija Ho?evar, a Slovene flutist, born on December 30, 1988 in Novo mesto.

Pija started her musical career at Musical School Marjan Kozina in Novo mesto where she learnt to play the recoder, transverse flute, later the accordeon and singing. She continued her education at Grammar school of Economics in Novo mesto and private flute lessons with prof. Vanja Ivankovic. She graduated at Academy of Music in Ljubljana (class of prof. Matej Zupan) in 2012 with distinction.

She attended many seminars led by prof. Emily Beynon, Philippe Bernold, Hansgeorg Schmeiser, Julien Baudiment, Petri Alanko, Jan Ostry, Andrea Oliva, Walter Auer, Nicola Mazzanti (piccolo), Peter-Lukas Graf, Robert Aitken ...

In 2001 Pija came second at the music competition for Slovene youth. At the end of 2008, she won an international competition in Torino, Italy. In March 2010 she won silver prize and 3rd place at the music competition for Slovene youth, in March 2011 she won 2nd prize in Treviso, Italy and in April 2011 she won golden prize at UPOL international competition, Slovenia. On the same competition she won silver prize and in april 2012 golden prize with woodwind quintet, in March 2012 they won golden prize on national competition for Slovene youth. Quintet had in season 12/13 under the auspices of the Slovenian Jeunesses Musicales and Musical youth of Ljubljana in Slovenia a series of more than 15 concerts.

As a soloist she already played with chamber orchestra of Slovenian Philharmonics and Radio Symphony orchestra in which she often take part as a substitute.

In 2011 she was a member of EUYWO –European Youth Wind Orchestra (Jan Cober) and was accepted at Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten – Utrechts conservatorium in class of prof. Aldo Baerten. In autumn 2011 she passed the membership auditions for deOrkest academie in Belgium (Edo de Waart) and Ossiach orchestral academy in Austria; in year 2014 she also played in chamber orchestra Academia Ars Musicae.

In 2014 she concludes Master's degree at Music Academy in Maastricht, Holland.

Concerten in 2014 van Pija Hocevar