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Fabián Galli

Since 2002 Fabián works as a music teacher at the International School of Amsterdam (ISA) and before this he worked for fourteen years in his home country Argentina. His degrees are from the Buenos Aires Conservatorium in Music Education, piano and flute, and he was awarded a Choral conducting degree from the Paris Conservatoire of Creteil.  Besides he is a certified Orff music teacher and a faculty member of the World Music Drumming (WMD), a curriculum that is being taught in over 20.000 schools worldwide as well as in community outreach programs and venues. Fabián has added the World Music Drumming approach  into his teaching at ISA and, inspired by his involvement with the WMD workshop, he started a few Marimba Bands in Amsterdam, the firsts ones of its kind in Europe, and incorporated with great success Marimba playing as part of the Music Classes at ISA.

Concerten in 2018 van Fabián Galli

Locatie: Orlyplein