Emmy Storms


Emmy Storms (Katwijk aan Zee, 1988) started playing the violin at the age of 5 according to the Suzuki method with Stieneke Voorhoeve-Poot. After that she took classes at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague first by Qui van Woerdekom, Koosje van Haeringen and during the Bachelor and Master study program by Jaring Walta. In June 2012 she also completed the (Orchestra) Masters program at Walta with a 10 with distinction for Musical Artisticity. The last 2 years of her studies and the following year she also received monthly lessons from Philippe Graffin.

In addition to solo projects and chamber music ensembles, Emmy has always enjoyed playing in orchestras. She has been concertmaster of the Viotta Youth Orchestra, the Atheneum Chamber Orchestra, the Conservatory orchestra, the National Youth Orchestra and various smaller projects. She also did an internship at the Residentie Orkest. Since 2012, Emmy has been concertmaster of the Ciconia Consort, conducted by Dick van Gasteren.

Emmy has won several prizes at the Maassluisse Music Week, the Rabobank Concours, the Princess Christina Concours, the Inter-Provincial Music Concours and the Iordens Violin Days. In 2005 she won the Herman Krebbers Prize (compulsory work) during the Davina van Wely Competition. In 2009 and 2011 she finished 3rd and 4th during the National Violin Competition Oskar Back and in 2011 she also received the NTR prize for compulsory work. In 2011 she was also awarded the Anton Kersjes Prize. She played Maurice Ravel's Zigane in February with the National Student Orchestra, conducted by Lucas Vis, and as the Artist in Residence of the NJO Summer of Music 2012, played the Korngold violin concerto together with the National Youth Orchestra and conductor Antony Hermus. In November / December 2013 she played the violin concerto by Alban Berg with the Bellitoni Symphony Orchestra. Emmy plays in Trio Suleika with pianist Gabriele Leporatti and cellist Pepijn Meeuws, which has already received many prizes, and the Magma Duo with pianist Cynthia Liem. The Magma duo is laureate of the Dutch Classical Talent Tour and Award in the 2014-2015 season, and is the winner of the international violin-piano competition 'A feast of Duos 2014' in Sion, Switzerland.

Emmy also likes different kinds of folk music, such as Irish fiddle, Jewish klezmer, tango and gypsy music. She plays South American and Irish folk music with guitarist Pedro Diaz and has a folk music group called "Looking for Matthew", along with flutist and singer Annelies Storms, percussionist Paul van Nispen and guitarist Pedro Diaz. She also plays in the Caravan group, together with composer / pianist Julian Schneeman, percussionist Jeroen Batterink and former player Jawa Manla. She also regularly plays in the Eef van Breen Group.

Emmy plays on a violin built by Ferdinando Gagliano in 1778, made available to her by the National Musical Instruments Fund.