What and when is the Canal Festival?

Young musicians from all over the world surprise you with their own musical story. With all of Amsterdam as a beautiful backdrop.
The Canal Festival will be starting at the 12th of August through 21 August 2022.

How do I stay informed of the latest news and activities of the Grachtenfestival?

You can subscribe here for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook/Instagram

How can I support the Canal Festival?

You will be able through this page
We are doing everything we can to keep our freelancer on our team and to keep our musicians playing. Many thanks for helping us doing this. 



Will I be notified when the program is published on the website?

If you would like to be notified when the program is announced, you can subscribe to our newsletter on our website. You will receive regular updates about our activities, the announcement of the program, and when tickets go online. Through the newsletter you will be informed of all developments regarding the Canal Festival. In addition, we often offer our newsletter subscribers discounts on special performances.

When will the program of the Canal Festival be announced?

The Canal Festival program will be announced at the end of June. The program will also be showed in the Canal Festival newspaper and the Grchtnfstvl-app in the Appstore or Playstore.


The Junior Grachtenfestival

What does the program for the Junior Grachtenfestival look like?

The Grachtenfestival program is online! Click here to see the full schedule: Junior Program

What is the Junior Grachtenfestival?

The Junior Grachtenfestival consists of baby and toddler concerts, but also shows that are suitable for the whole family. The program will be announced in the spring. Do you want to be kept informed? Then sign up for our Newsletter



Are all locations accessible by wheelchair?

A large number of our locations are easily accessible for wheelchairs, but unfortunately not all. On our website, you can see which locations are accessible for wheelchairs users.

Is it possible to use my home as a venue?

The Canal Festival strives to add new locations to its program each year. If you would like to open up your home, please contact the organization. Your home must be located in the festival area - roughly speaking, the Singel, Heren-, Keizers- and Prinsengracht (between the Amstel river and the Haarlemmerstraat) with possible extensions towards Nieuwmarkt its the surrounding area. Please note in advance that the Canal Festival will not pay a fee for the use of your home.

Why are the locations for the House, Garden and Rooftop Concerts kept secret until the last minute?

The HTDs are held in private canal houses. Most of the musicians are winners of competitions at home and abroad. The Canal Festival is happy to combine these two groups - but ultimately the concert remains the most important to us. We think the choice will be less influenced by the location if we keep it a secret for as long as possible. It also means that we cause as little concern as possible for the venue owners, whom we greatly appreciate for their hospitality.



How do I purchase tickets?

As soon as the schedule is posted online, tickets will be able to be purchased on our website. 

When will the sale of the tickets start?

Tickets for the Canal Festival will start June 25 on our website

For more updates check newsletter or Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.




Where can I find the Grachtenfestivalpaper?

You can have the Grachtenfestivalkrant of the 2021 edition delivered at home and order it via the webshop



Can I make a donation to the Canal Festival as a private individual?

The Grachtenfestival has been granted an ANBI status. This means that donations to the Canal Festival may be deducted from your tax bill (subject to the relevant conditions set by the Tax Administration). If you would like to know more about donating to the Canal Festival go here for more information. Please feel free to contact our office.

Who pays for the Grachtenfestival?

On the page 'Partners' you can see who is contributing to the Grachtenfestival.   


The Prinsengrachtconcert

Where can I find information about the Prinsengracht concert?

For information and questions concerning the Prinsengrachtconcert visit:



Is the Grachtenfestival connected to Grachtenfestival Meppel and Grachtenfestival aan de Maas?

No, both Canal Festival Meppel as well as the Maas are independent organizations. The Canal Festival in Amsterdam and the Maas do work together in the area of programming. For example, some musicians can be seen (and heard) at both festivals.