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SIMIO's members are young, but perform with maturity. Their music is cinematic, creates good vibes and could be interpreted as both simple and complex. Drummer Tim van Emmerloot and pianist Sergio Abdoelrahman met in 2017 and shortly afterwards they started to make music together; they started SIMIO. SIMIO's debute EP Delusional quickly gained recognition from producers and record companies. In 2019, SIMIO won first prize ánd both the public and the press prize in the Princess Christina Competition Jazz.

Music means freedom, research and the transmission of inexplicable emotions when words fail. The band members therefore share the same vision: music is art. Passion, creativity and personal events come together in a pure, free form that distinguished them. Listeners  are drawn to SIMIO's story. 

Sergio Abdoelrahman – Piano
Tim van Emmerloot – Drums
Cas Jiskoot – Bass

"These dudes can play, and they’ve captured their instrumentals in a crisp hi-def way that gives the immediacy of a live-in-studio experience”. - Music Connection (US) 8,7


Concerts in 2020 of SIMIO