Classical soprano and piano duo consists of two young, skilled musicians, soprano Olga Zinovieva and pianist Sergey Smirnov. This creative union was formed in the beginning 2006, when both of the successful solo performers started to work on an interesting project organized by the Royal Conservatory of the Hague and Dmitri Ferschtman: “Seven Songs based on poems of Alexander Block” by D. Shostakovich. This vocal cycle has been performed together with other musicians during a tour of the Netherlands. Concerts took place in Leiden, Utrecht (Vredenburg), and in the Hague's two largest concert halls with great success. In addition, the concert in the Hague's Dr. Anton Philips Hall was broadcast on Radio West, and a concert in Arnold Schönberg Hall was recorded for CD. It also marked the beginning of a joint collaboration between Olga and Sergey.


Concerts in 2008 of So Duo